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When searching for Pony packages, ponyc checks both the installation directory (where the standard libraries reside) and any directories listed in the optional environment variable PONYPATH.

Adding to PONYPATH

Assuming you just placed new Pony code under a directory called pony in your home directory here is how to inform ponyc that the directory contains Pony code via adding it to PONYPATH.


Edit/add the rc file corresponding to your chosen shell (echo $SHELL will tell you what shell you are running). For example, if using bash, add the following to your ~/.bashrc:


(Then run source ~/.bashrc to add this variable to a running session. New terminal session will automatically source ~/.bashrc.)


  1. Create folder at C:\Users\<yourusername>\pony.
  2. Right click on “Start” and click on “Control Panel”. Select “System and Security”, then click on “System”.
  3. From the menu on the left, select the “Advanced systems settings”.
  4. Click the “Environment Variables” button at the bottom.
  5. Click “New” from the “User variables” section.
  6. Type PONYPATH into the “Variable name” field.
  7. Type %PONYPATH%;%USERPROFILE%\pony into the “Variable value” field.
  8. Click OK.

You can also add to PONYPATH from the command prompt via: